About sessions

How frequent should sessions be?

In the initial stages, sessions should be regular and frequent, at two or three sessions per week. Similar to learning any new skill, the more often you attend lessons, the more likely the information will be retained and recalled.

How many sessions will I need?

Neurofeedback training is a learning process and so the results are seen gradually over time. Most people experience improvements within the first five to ten sessions; however these changes will likely only last a day or two (sometimes longer) and may disappear altogether if training is stopped.

Asking how many sessions are required is like asking how many times you need to go to the gym before you get in shape. The answer is different for everyone. The total course of treatment will vary depending on the specific condition being addressed. Typically the more long standing or habitually entrenched the condition, the more sessions required. Twenty to forty sessions is our recommended course to ensure that the changes are cemented. In severe chronic conditions training may take fifty or more sessions. Progress is frequently monitored along the way to maximize effectiveness.

Some clients sign up for intensive sessions, committing to five sessions a week over five or more weeks. This is fine. Remember, neurofeedback is about training the brain to make permanent changes. If you decide to try neurofeedback, it is important that you are available to attend sessions at least twice a week and that you commit to completing a course of at least 20 sessions. Anything less will be wasted time, energy and money down the drain. Completing an entire course will ensure that the brain does not forget what it has learned. After 20 sessions, it is typically not an issue to take a break and resume neurofeedback (if required).

The brain is devoted to its own regulation. Once it learns how to do so, it tends to retain the information. 

When do you stop the training?

We recommend that clients do not cease training immediately after their symptoms improve. It takes some time for the brain to learn a new habit. Continuing to train for a few sessions after you’ve noticed consistent and reliable improvement will ensure that healthier patterns become your new brain habit.