About us

At the Centre for Brain Training, we take a client-centric approach. We are very conscious that the needs and experiences of each client are unique and meaningful to them. We are committed to providing one-on-one attention so that the most optimal treatment is given. We aim to remain a small specialist company with a limited client capacity so that we have the capacity to structure and tailor training around each client.

Our goal is to make your brain the best it can be and thus improve your ability to be and do what you really want–no matter what that is.

We see neurofeedback as an important part of medicine that the medical community are still learning about. We complement conventional medicine and spend a lot of time collaborating with the existing healthcare system. We have strong relationships with local general practitioners and specialist consultants.

Client confidentiality is critical – unless you give permission for the details of your neurofeedback training to be shared with anyone else it will not be.

Jackie Mangion is the company founder and driving force behind the Centre for Brain Training. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Jackie left the corporate world for a deeper calling. Upon completing her psychology degree, Jackie began working in a private practice where she was introduced to neurofeedback. She is professionally trained and certified, with years of supervision and thousands of hours of experience behind her. She has invested in one-to-one trainings with some of the most experienced practitioners in the United States. Jackie has a calm and empathic nature and is passionate about empowering others and helping them reach their full potential. She has helped many clients overcome a variety of problems.


  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology), NSW
  • Bachelor of Theology, NSW
  • Graduate Diploma of Marketing, NSW
  • EEG Biofeedback Comprehensive Training Course, VIC
  • Intermediate Neurofeedback 201 Course, USA
  • Advanced EEG Analysis, VIC
  • Neurofeedback Assessment, USA
  • Neurotherapy Workshop, USA
  • ADHD Symposium, NSW
  • Current Directions in Neuroplasticity, SA
  • Neurofeedback: Orientation to EEG Assessment and Intervention, SA
  • Current Advances in EEG Theory and it Application using Neurotherapy, USA