The Benefits

about the benefitsGiven that the brain oversees every system in the body including emotional and psychological well-being, training it to self-regulate has many desirable paybacks. Many clients come to see us to get help with specific symptoms and find that they unexpectedly improve on a wide spectrum of issues.
Most report a feeling of calm; of being more comfortable in their own skin; feeling more like themselves – alert and relaxed, alive and quiet at the same time. Problems seem smaller and negative feelings tend not to linger as they did before. Clients have commented that neurofeedback has offered them the freedom to choose their reactions rather than be over-run by them. This doesn’t mean that life’s difficulties disappear; it just means you can cope with them in a better way.
Neurofeedback has multiple benefits can help to:
  • Increase general well-being.
  • Optimise work and sport performance.
  • Boost optimism, happiness, and self-confidence.
  • Promote quicker, deeper and better quality sleep and relaxation.
  • Improve creativity and processing speed.
  • Increase attention, focus, organisation and concentration.
  • Accelerate learning, memory, problem solving and decision making.
  • Enhance resilience, coping mechanisms and immunity to stress.
  • Promote assertiveness and control of emotions.
  • Encourage flexibility and faster recovery from stress.
  • Increase cognitive sharpness
  • Reduce number of errors and shorten response time.
  • Enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Promote mind/body integration.
  • Reduce nerves, anxiety, stage fright and performance anxiety.
  • Better self-control and diffusion of anger.
  • Increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence.